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Monitoring the plane's basic data readouts via one of the in-flight entertainment channels on landing last month in Melbourne, Australia, at the first hint of touchdown the plane was travelling at 169mph or 272kmh. Taking notes on final approach and then calculating backwards after landing, immediately before touch down I'd estimate it was slowing at about 1mph per second. I didn't keep a record after that - just enjoyed the rapid deceleration and that warm feeling of finally being back home.

The onboard data of a Lufthansa flight indicated 311km/h. Generally it is between 250km/h and 330km/h. Remember that as with take-off, there are many factors that influence the speed eg. wind.
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What kind of business is Airbus A380?

YES, AIRPLANE, BIGEST THEY MAKE. Answer last I heard it was a plane? = Q: What kind of business is the Airbus A380 built for? 1- Scheduled commerical passenger carrier 2- Cargo carrier - However, FedEx has canceled their order and only UPS has an (MORE)

What is the takeoff speed for the Airbus A380?

It varies a bit depending on things such as winds, take-off weight and air pressure (runway altitude), but under typical conditions take-off speed is around 150 knots (280km/h or 170mph).

What is the Airbus A380?

The newest and biggest passenger airplane so is a four engined double decker passenger plane

Advantages and disadvantaged of airbus A380?

RI Rnow that the Risadvantage rs their rize rnd reight. rirports rtros rngeles rnd emphis rnd ro rengthen rheir runways ror rhe r380.rhe rarking ramp ras ro re rtrengthened rso ro rarry rhe rhight.

Airbus a330 landing speed?

airbus a-330/200series,does land around 135 knots(250km/h) with minimum weight and 260 pax....the "REF"speed(descent speed before landing) is 145kt(268km/h) with normal weight...(take off in normal condition of load is around 160kt,296km/h). airbus a-330/200series,does land around 135 knots(250km/h (MORE)

Weight of the Airbus a380?

Design Weights for Airbus A380 (tonnes; lb x 1000). Maximum ramp weight: 562; 1,239. Maximum takeoff weight: 560; 1,235. Maximum landing weight: 386; 851. Maximum zero fuel weight: 361; 796. Typical operating weight empty: 276.8; 608.4. Typical volumetric payload: 66.4; 145.5

How many airbus a380's are there?

\nAt present (17/07/09) there are 17 in service, however Singapore Airlines will be adding another one in September 09 and Air France will begin commercial flights with their first one from November 09\n. \nSource:\n. \nSee the related link below for complete listing of all routes and schedules fl (MORE)

How do you eat a a380 airbus?

The only person to have eaten an airplane, Michel Lotito ate an entire Cessna 150. He has eaten many other odd things piece by piece including bicycles, shopping carts, coffins. He can supposedly ingest up to 2 pounds of metal a day. At this rate it would take Mr Lotito over 835 years to eat a 610,0 (MORE)

What airlines have Airbus A380s in their fleets?

airlines that are flying there Airbus A380's; Singapore Airlines Emirates Qantas Air France Lufthansa Malaysia Korean Air Virgin Atlantic One more airline is expected to introduce the A380 during 2010;Korean Air

What is the fuel consumption of an Airbus A380?

At optimal loading factors, flying West-East, in winter, long-haul with RR Trent engines, the A380 burns fuel at an average of between 10-12 t/hr or 3,330-4,000 gallons per hour or between 0.14 and 0.17 mpg!

How many landing gears used in airbus A380?

The Airbus A380 has 22 wheels. Two smaller 'auxiliary' wheels on a single strut at the front, two sets of under-wing 4-wheel struts and two sets of fuselage mounted six-wheel struts.

Where airbus a380 land in India?

\nCurrently Nowhere and at present there are no immediate plans to begin services to India.\n. \nThe airbus A380 is operating on on selected high traffic routes by three airlines, Qantas, Emirates and Singapore Airlines. From November 09 Air France will also begin flying it.\n. \nSee the related (MORE)

What is the best attraction on the airbus a380?

From a passenger perspective, it is a modern, well equipped and exceptionally quiet airliner. From an operators perspective, the A380 can carry more passengers further with higher fuel efficiency, for increased profits.

What are the Take off and landing speeds of an Airbus?

Take off and landing speeds vary massively even for the same class of aircraft depending on airport altitude, weather conditions, loading (cargo/fuel/pax) and about a dozen other factors that would render an absolute answer meaningless. Typical landing speeds are between 130-180 knots. Typical ta (MORE)

What is the cruising speed of Airbus a380?

The Airbus A380 maximum cruising speed is Mach 0.88 (670 mph). Long distance cruising speed is typically M0.85 (650 mph). max cruising speed = .85 MACH max design speed = .96 MACH

Will the Airbus A380 ever land in Cape Town?

Yes Actually. Cape Town International Airport has went through a lot of renovations, extended it's runway, and actually has two or even more aircraft gates which can accommodate the A380. The first airline would probably be Emirates, but possibilities that South African airways can come up with a fe (MORE)

When did the Airbus A380 come out?

The first flight of the Airbus A380 was on the 27th of April in 2005 and it was first introduced in October 2007 to Singapore Airlines.

Does India have Airbus a380?

Airbus A380 can land in Delhi T3 terminal and in Hyderabad. They have all the necessary equipments. In fact T3 has seen one landing in July 2012.

Airbus A380 and airbus 300 distinguish?

Quite abvious: the A380 is much bigger, weights almost three times the A300. Also, the A380 has four engines ins tead of two and has two decks instead of just on one for the A300.

Where was the Airbus A380 first produced?

The airbus A380 was produced from pieces over Western Europe. The wings and cockpit was made in England, the engines were made in Germany along with the main body. I believe everything was put together in Germany. Other European countries contributed in ways of money or small pieces like part of the (MORE)

How far can Airbus a380 fly?

Airbus A380 maximum range . A380-800: 15,700 km (8,500 nmi, 9,755 miles) . A380F: 10,400 km (5,600 nmi, 6,400 miles)

What is the capacity of the Airbus A380?

A380-800 - Flightcrew of two. Standard seating for 555 passengers on two decks in a three class arrangement. Qantas plans to fit its aircraft with 523 seats (in three classes). A380 has 49% more floor area but only 35% more seats (in 555 seat configuration) than the 747-400, allowing room for passen (MORE)

How many Airbus a380 exist?

There is a difference between the number in service and the number that are fully built but are undergoing flight testing. So as for the number in service (As of July 2011) there are 53 (Including the 1 Airbus test frame). The number that exist is larger than this.

Has the airbus A380 ever landed in Nadi International Airport?

Yes the Airbus A380 has already landed at Nadi International Airport on two different occasions and both the times they were owned by Qantas Nadi International Airport has all facilities to accomodate an Airbus A380 but it hasn't beenn certified yet. The airbus A380 had to land once due to someone g (MORE)

Can the Airbus A380 land on Cochin international airport?

Unfortunately no as Cochin internatioanl airport or any otherairports in india has sufficient runway length to handle this hugeplane.Theoretically it can just land in almost all airports but incase of emergency if it tried to land and attempted to take offlater it wont have enough clearence.Hence a (MORE)

Why the airbus A380 was made?

It was made because Airbus wanted the biggest aircraft in the world. This was due to their prediction of an aviation passenger boom in Asia during the next 10 years.

How loud is a A380 airbus?

It's actually comparatively quiet, once they have climbed out of the airfield area you can hardly hear them.

Who was it that designed the Airbus A380?

THe Airbus A380, the largest passenger airliner to date, was originally designed by Hans Pierre St. Claudette. The original designed was to include three levels. One for luggage and other storage and two floors for passengers.

Can airbus a380 land in Karachi airport Pakistan?

Karachi airport has two runways, the longer one is rough 11200 footlong. An A380 at MTOW needs a runway of approx 9000 foot. Depending on the safety regulations for aircrafts, if should beable to land and take off in Karachi, maybe with reduced weight.

How fast can the Airbus A380 fly?

The A 380's max. speed is 590 mph ,but it normally cruises around 530. The A 380's max. speed is 590 mph ,but it normally cruises around 530.