011 is the code of insurance company what is the name of insurance company?

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The company is Allstate with insurance code 011
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Who do insurance companies have to answer to?

Insurance Department . They typically answer to their respective state's department of insurance. Just like the FDA keeps tabs on drugs companies, the same goes for a department of insurance. They take complaints, investigate them, and make sure insurance companies don't get out of hand or charge (MORE)

Is there still a life insurance company named Citizens Home Insurance company?

Citizens Home insurance Company was a family members company as well. We have an assumption certificate that states the Independent Life and Accident Insurance company in Jacksonville, FL effective September 8, 1981. I have googled the Independent life and Accident Insurance and this is what I have (MORE)

How do you find out what the name of the life insurance company is?

Try to below things. 1. If you have access to their personal records, go through old bank statements or canceled checks to see if they paid any insurance companies. 2. Did they have a personal lawyer or accountant who may have known about any old policies? 3. Talk with a past employer about any gr (MORE)

How do you find an old insurance company named empire insurance company in California?

After much sleuthing on the internet, I found that they have been merged (a few transactions ago) into what is now known as EMC Property and Casualty Company; I found that on page 2 of the following: http://www.iid.state.ia.us/about_us/FinancialReg/ExamRpts/2003/1249-03F.pdf. The current website fo (MORE)

Are insurance companies insured?

Perhaps surprisingly, the answer is "yes." Most insurance companies choose to buy "re-insurance," and this is a very interesting - and different - type of insurance than what you or I generally see. While there are thousands of different insurance companies, there are only a handful of re-insurers.R (MORE)

What auto insurance company has the code 053?

Auto Insurance Company Code 053 is for Praetorian Insurance Company, there address is 7 Times Square 37th Floor, New York, NY 10036. This is a dollar a day policy meaning you pay $365 a year for insurance on a car, but you do not have PIP benefits if say you were injured in a car accident your bills (MORE)

How does an insurance company benefit from insurance?

When an insured purchases an insurance policy they pay theinsurance company money for the insurance coverage. This money theinsurance company collects is called insurance "premiums". Theinsurance company, using the law of large numbers, collects moremoney in premiums than it pays out in claims. The (MORE)

What is the name of first insurance company in the world?

Lloyd's of London: A pub where merchants and ship's captains met to discuss routes, the threat of pirates, storms etc...from this humble beginning there rose the multimillion dollar industry we see today. LLoyd's of London is still the Hallmark of Excellence today.

Where does insurance companies insure?

A better question you be what do they not insured. You can find insurance for anything you can think of. Some famous people even insure their teeth or face because of their good looks. Lloyd's of London will underwrite custom insurance policies for anything you want. Most companies insure Autos and (MORE)

What ny insurance company code is 151?

GRANITE STATE INSURANCE COMPANY (888) 244-6163 PO Box 85041 Phoenix, AZ 85072-2041 The codes are listed here: http://www.ins.state.ny.us/dmvindex.htm

Are Insurance Companys Insured'?

Insurance Companies ceded their risks to reinsurers who are specialised to assume a portfolio of large (e.g. satellites, airplane) and volatile (e.g. Hurricanes, earthquakes) risks. These risks are usually distributed to a number of reinsurers whose value proposition is a strong capital base and div (MORE)

What insurance company has the code 426?

most carriers have a 4 diget number. i have never seen a 3 diget company . --- actually all insurance carriers have a 3 digit code through DMV. Code 426 is for NJ manufacturers Insurance Company.

What are the names of health insurance companies?

There are many good health insurance companies. Some are indemnity companies and some are managed care, such as HMOs and PPO's. Costs differ depending upon the company, the choices of provider offered, and the number of people to be insured under the policy. There is no "best" health insurer. Peopl (MORE)

What auto insurance company has the code number 420?

Each state has their own codes that they use. You should be able to find it by going to the state's department of insurance website. For example, if you were looking for one in NJ you would go here :http://www.state.nj.us/mvc/Vehicle/InsuranceCompanyCodes.htm. or here for NY. http://www.ins.state. (MORE)

What insurance company has the 3 digit code 240?

In New York State, the 240 is the code for: NEW YORK CENTRAL MUTUAL FIRE INS. CO. WILLIAM W. COUPERTHWAIT, VP 607-965-8321 1899 CENTRAL PLAZA EAST EDMESTON, NY 13335-1899 This information was found at: www.ins.state.ny.us/dmv code /dmvc2211.htm

Why do insurance companies have multiple names?

they do this for the different types of products they sell. usually they have an insurance side and an ivestment side. they do this for liability reasons as each name is a separate entity under a larger umbrella. if one crumbles tho other ones stay intact and creditors cant come after the solvent on (MORE)

What insurance company has 989 insurance code?

Code 989 refers to a number of companies The 3 choices I found are : 1) Kemper Ins @ (877)252-7878 2) Unitrin Direct Ins @ (800)437-8394 3) Unitrin Specialty Ins @ (800)456-0448 Hope This Helps you. *****The above information is incorrect, and will only cause you to go around in circles, here is (MORE)

What is all the car insurance companies names?

AIG Allstate American Family AMICA Auto Clubs (AAA) Encompass Erie Farm Bureau Farmers GEICO Hartford/ITT/AARP Liberty Mutual Mercury Metropolitan Nationwide Progressive Prudential Safeco State Farm 21st Century USAA

What is the Florida insurance code for Progressive Express Insurance Company?

Typically, you can find the NAIC code for your insurance company on your ID card. Progressive has a variety of NAIC codes, most issued below. Progressive Express has been selected with a *** for you to see: PROGRESSIVE CASUALTY INS CO 24260 PROGRESSIVE AMERICAN INS CO 24252 PROGRESSIVE SPECIALT (MORE)

What would a good name be for an insurance company?

Depending on what time of insurance the company is intending to sell, a variety of names could be considered good. Traditionally, if you are not a part of a chain of insurance companies, it is good to place the owner's name in the company name. This device allows people to remember who they are purc (MORE)

What is a company name for home insurance?

There are many insurance companies that offer homeowners insurance and it will vary from state to state. I recommend that you call an Independent Insurance Agency. These type of insurance agencies represent several insurance companies and can compare companies and policies from different companies t (MORE)

Which Massachusetts insurance company has the code 723?

It depends on the state, but for Massachusetts the Insurance Code 723 is Premier Insurance which is being taken over by Travelers Insurance. See the related link for more insurance code information. You can also check your Local DMV/RMV websites.

How do insurance companys verify you have insurance?

Insurance is a primary need because it protects you againstunplanned events. It can be used as an investment tool, tool forplanning your children's future and retirement planner tool. Mostimportantly insurance provides you peace of mind, as you know thefact that your loved ones are not dependent on (MORE)

Do building codes subsidize insurance companies?

Yes, to a certain extent building codes subsidize insurance companies. Just as speed limits and seat belt laws do. Insurance companies profit by earning more money from investing premiums paid to them then they pay out on claims, overhead, and taxes etc. Suppose insurance company "A" determines tha (MORE)

Is Countrywide the name of an insurance company?

Yes. Countrywide is a popular car insurance company that has been serving its customers for almost fifteen years. Countrywide insurance prides themselves on offering their customers personalized, face to face service.

What is an insurance company?

It is an company that offers inusurance to the people eitheronline, offline or through phone. It can comprise of multipleinsurance agents. An insurance company deals with many types ofinsurance like health insurance ,car insurance,lifeinsurance,travel insurance ..etc .. Almost every one claims to be (MORE)