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Business Finance

The Facts About Flexible Spending Accounts

With the rising cost of the health care deductible, flexible spending accounts are becoming increasingly popular. These accounts allow employees to set aside a certain percentage of their paycheck into a company-sponsored savings account before taxes are taken from your pay. The funds in these accounts can be used for a number of health related expenses as well non-health related expenses such as dependent care. If you are considering one of these accounts, then here are some facts to help you decide if this program is the right choice for you....(more)

The Best Financial Services Firms

A firm that manages finances and helps people or business obtain money is known as a financial service firm. These firms are what help keep the economy running. Business loans, school loans, credit cards, home loans, and personal lines of credit are all obtained from these entities. Since these firms are the best, they will be able to provide some of the most competitive programs and interest rates on the market....(more)

Fixed Expenses: the Unchanging Costs of Doing Business

The costs of doing business can be quite high. Some costs vary with production quantities and goods and services sold. Other costs, however, are fixed expenses. When looking at a business in terms of financial viability, it is important to understand the difference between fixed and variable expenses and how they affect doing business. To gain a better understanding, read on for a detailed look at some fixed costs and how they can affect the bottom line....(more)

Informative Small Business Finance Blogs

Any businessperson knows the importance of adequate financial management in a small business. Sometimes, the business owner is not in a position to finance the normal operations or expansion of the business. Financial institutions in this case come in handy to provide the finance needed in different businesses. Different people and institutions have established some websites where they offer important information in the form of blogs on the available small business finances and the requirements for each financier. This helps business owners better understand the options available to them, and help them choose the best financier for their business. Some of the best small business finance blogs are listed below for you to follow and read....(more)


Tips on How to Safely Wire Money

Today increasing numbers of people depend on wire money transfer systems for safe and efficient ways to send money for business or personal use. The money transfer industry has grown to a whopping $250 billion per year, fueled by the internet, globalization, and even the increasing number of migrant workers. As the current level of growth is approximately 10% to 12% per year, that figure will only increase. Many companies are joining market leaders, Western Union, and Moneygram with new, innovative, and cheaper ways to transfer money, both on and offline. Although most are honest and reliable with valid services, here is a list of tips to help ensure the safety and security of your money when using wire transfers....(more)

What is the Market to Book Ratio?

The market to book ratio is more commonly known as the price to book ratio. It is used to measure the market value of your company in relation to its book value. Market value is calculated based on the market capitalization, while book value is determined through the company's historical cost. Where book value is the real value of your company, market value can be above or below the book value....(more)

Reasons to Consider Lead Generation Companies for Financial Services

Financial planning is something that everyone can benefit from. Unfortunately, financial advisors know that getting the general public to realize this can be difficult. The success of any financial service provider is based on generating leads. Financial planners know that there is strength in numbers; the more leads generated means the greater chance of increasing their client bases. If tracking down potential clients is not your strong suit, however, you should hire a company to help you to achieve these leads in a systematic and economic way....(more)

Frugal Living

5 Ways to Save Money When Traveling Internationally

While staying stateside may seem more affordable, if you truly look at the cost of your last vacation here in the states, you may find that with a little research and creativity, you can hit the other side of the pond without spending much more....(more)

5 Tasty Budget Meal Ideas

Tasty food doesn't always need to be expensive. You can save a considerable amount of money by cooking your own meals. By strategically shopping, you can always stretch a trip to the grocery store and have leftovers too! Here are some delicious and low-cost dishes....(more)

7 Free Entertainment Ideas

What can you do for fun when money's tight or when you just plain don't feel like spending money? There are still engaging things to do with little to no cost! All these activities might take is a little preparation and research beforehand....(more)

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